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Top 7 Sauna Accessories to Enhance Your Spa Experience

Sauna bathing is a minimalistic relaxation activity – all you need is a towel wrapped around you and you can enjoy all the benefits sauna bathing brings to you.

However, there are some sauna accessories on the market that can enhance your experience. Below, you will find the list of accessories that you might find useful, as well as the tips for making your sauna cozier and more personal.

1. Sauna thermometer and hygrometer

Thermometer inside your sauna is a necessity rather than just an accessory. In order to measure the temperature accurately, you would need to look for a high-quality accurate product.

Hygrometer measures humidity inside the sauna cabin so that you can adjust the session according to your preference – moist or dry.

There are plenty of devices, however a German brand Fisher Instruments is considered one of the best on the market, having a long tradition of designing and crafting quality instruments for measuring weather and climate.


Fischer Sauna Thermometer & Hygrometer

2. Ergonomically shaped backrest


Dynamic Canadian Hemlock Sauna Backrest

Having a proper posture when standing, sitting or lying reduces strain placed on our muscles and ligaments, and thus helps us to develop strength, flexibility and balance.

Unfortunately, we tend to forget too easily about having a good posture. After slouching for hours, we often find ourselves with backaches, headaches and stiff muscles.

Ergonomically shaped sauna backrest helps you to improve and keep a good posture while using sauna, and thus maximize its health and relaxing benefits.


3. Sauna water bucket with ladle

You don’t have to possess a special tool for watering the heating stones in your sauna. However, wooden bucket with ladle is a traditional accessory, both practical and decorative, that has been part of sauna rituals for ages.

Those who would like to imitate the original sauna rituals may also have a look at wool sauna hats for head protection or whisks made of twigs and plants that you can gently whip over your body or the body of your sauna partner. It relieves muscle tension and improves the blood circulation.


Single Handle Sauna Bucket with Ladle

4. Essential oils and diffuser


Ultrasonic Diffuser & Top 10 Essential Oils

Essential oils are widely used for relaxation of body and mind. They can help you relieve stress and soothe your senses and some of them have even sanitizing effects. That is why essential oils are very popular in saunas too.

The most popular fragrances are eucalyptus, peppermint, sandalwood, birch or lavender.

Some people pour them directly on the hot stones in a sauna, however it is better to get an essential oil diffuser that will distribute the essntial oil in regular waves that will fill your sauna with beautiful aroma.

5. Dry brushing skin exfoliator

Many sauna users cannot praise enough the detoxing and beautifying properties of sauna. It has many positive effects on your health and numerous skin benefits as well.

You can enhance these benefits with a body scrub or a dry brushing equipment made to exfoliate your body to get rid of dead skin.

Apply the scrub gently all over your body during your sauna session and then wash it with water in cold shower. It will leave your skin smooth, radiant and healthy.


Dry Brushing Body Brush Set (3 Pieces)

6. Linen bath towels


100% Pure Flax Linen Bath Towel

Linen towels are becoming very popular as they are naturally antimicrobial and extremely absorbing. Compared to traditional cotton towels, linen towels absorb moist and liquid much better and dry up in a shorter time.

This can be especially practical during your sauna bathing, when you sweat and shower repeatedly. You can use it as a towel to dry yourself after the session or as a blanket underneath your body to absorb all the sweat and leave the sauna clean. 

They can be found in different sizes and colors. Just pick the one you like the most!


7. Sauna seat cushion

If you like to pamper your body during the sauna session, then sitting on wooden beneches in a sauna may be a little uncomfortable for you.

Sauna cushion may be an ideal solution, just don’t forget to find one that will withstand the heat and moisture. Otherwise, the cushion would be easily destroyed by the conditions inside the sauna.

The best pieces have removable cover that can be washed in a washing machine.


Radiant Saunas Brown Seat Cushion for Sauna


Sauna bathing is one of the most popular wellness activities. While the beautiful experience can be achieved very simply and no special eqipment is necessary, there are plenty of sauna accessories that can enhance your session and make it even more rejuvenating and relaxing.

If there is an item we forgot to mention in the list, let us know in the comments!

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