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Radiant Saunas Coronado 2-Person Infrared Sauna Review

A detailed review of one of the most popular home infrared saunas on the market – Coronado Sauna by Radiant Saunas.
Coronado 2-Person Infrared Sauna is manufactured by Radiant Saunas, a sub-brand of Blue Wave Products.
Blue Wave Products is a leading distributor and manufacturer in the pool and home leisure industry. The company is based in St. Charles, Illinois.

Technical specifications

Capacity of the sauna: 2 adults

Exterior dimensions: 49″W x 39″D x 75″H

Interior dimensions: 43″W x 35″D x 67″H

Max. heat: 141 Fahrenheit

Sauna weight: 354 pounds (Shipping weight: 382 pounds)

Voltage: 120v/15-amp

Canadian hemlock wood construction

Hemlock wood is the most often used kind of wood for the manufacturing of the infrared saunas. There are several reasons:

  1. it is super durable
  2. it is safe for your health
  3. it has a high heat tolerance

6 high-quality carbon heaters

Most of the today’s sauna manufacturers, including Radiant Saunas, use carbon heaters for their saunas. Although they heat up a little slower that their ceramic counterparts, they have many other benefits, including high durability and safety.

Coronado Infrared Sauna includes 6 high quality carbon heaters – 2 in the back area, 2 on the sides of the unit and 2 lower heaters – one in the calf area and a convenient heater on the floor.

This allows the most efficient distribution of the infrared light rays to heat your body evenly and penetrate your skin in all the important areas.

Bronze-tinted scratch-resistant 8mm tempered safety glass

The doors and window panels of the Coronado infrared sauna are made with an 8 millimeters thick bronze-tinted scratch-resistant tempered safety glass.

The glass significantly improves the heat retention and insulation of the sauna unit.

Dual exterior and interior control panel

The sauna comes equipped with two conveniently placed LED EZ-Touch control panels – one is located on the exterior wall and one is place inside the sauna for quick and easy adjustments of temperature and time.

Construction and assembly

The Radiant Saunas Coronado Infrared Sauna is an American product and the design is very simple and elegant. The unit will fit into your home decor perfectly – whether you place your sauna into the basement, garage, bathroom, bedroom or even living room.

The tongue and groove assembly ensures that the parts clasp together perfectly and the buckle-connectors make it super-easy to connect the pieces firmly.

The instruction manual is sufficient, although there may be moments when you have to think twice about the next step. However, the unit can be built within 1 hour by one person.


Chromotherapy lighting system

Chromotherapy, also known as color therapy, is a treatment that uses different color lights to improve your mood and overall wellness.

It is a very nice addition that improves your infrared sauna session experience and may help you relax even better. The chromotherapy lighting system includes 7 colors.

Oxygen ionizer

Oxygen ionizer is a very useful device that charges the air in the sauna with negative ions, which helps to purify the air and get rid of the odors, bacteria and other unwanted particles.

Although the piece included in the sauna looks rather cheap, it seems to be serving its purpose well.

Other accessories

There is plenty of other small accessories that are a nice addition to the Coronado sauna. We consider it a great advantage, as it is not that usual that the sauna units have these included in the basic package and you have buy them separately.

The accessories included: 2 comfortable wooden backrests, towel hook and magazine rack.

Certifications and Warranty

Radiant Saunas brand is backed by many certifications and standards, including CE, CETL, RoHS and ISO 9001. These are internationally-recognized proofs of quality, professionality and safety.

The Coronado unit is also backed by a 7-year limited warranty, including a 5-year warranty on the heating system and electronics and 1-year warranty on the radio.

Features overview

  • High-quality hemlock wood
  • 6 top-quality carbon heating panels
  • LED EZ-Touch dual control panels
  • Oxygen ionizer
  • Towel and magazine rack
  • Chromotherapy lighting system
  • Scratch-resistant tinted safety glass
  • MP3 auxiliary connection with FM-CD Radio
  • 7-year warranty and excellent customer support

Pros and cons

What we like

  • The sauna backed by ISO 9001, CE, RoHS AND CETL certifications
  • It has a very low energy consuption
  • Nice additions: oxygen ionizer and chromotherapy lighting system
  • The package includes backrests
  • Offers an excellent value for money

What we don’t like

  • The radio in the unit is not very good
  • The sauna may take a little longer to heat up at the beginning

Final rating of the sauna:  5 stars

Radiant Saunas 2-Person Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 6 carbon heaters is a reliable, well-build and sturdy infrared sauna unit. It is equipped with plenty of great additions (we like the oxygen ionizer and backrests in particular).

 It is certified by many expert institutions. Its 7-year warranty ensures a prompt service in case there was any issue with your unit. When compared to other infrared saunas in the same price range, it deserves 5 stars. 

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