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Top 10 Infrared Sauna Places in New York City

Whether The Big Apple is where you live permanently, or you’re just staying for a visit, the busy lifestyle and high pace of the city may cause that sometimes you feel like you need to slow down, find a quiet place and do something good for your physical and emotional health.

Although I think that the best infrared sauna is the one you have at the comfort of your home, it is not the only solution.

Luckily for you, there are many places where you can relax and forget about all the worries of everyday life in New York. Wellness centers and spas scattered across the city are growing in popularity (even as the date spots) and their quality is getting better and better every year.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best places where you can enjoy the numerous benefits of an infrared sauna session in New York City.

1. NAO Wellness

Yelp: NAO Wellness

Telephone: 646-830-4423

28 W 12th St, New York (see map)

Other services: nutrition advice, reiki, energy healing, chiropractic

Some people call NAO Wellness “an oasis within the city”. It truly is a remarkable place where you can leave all the worries of your everyday life and enjoy a cozy, private atmosphere, friendly staff and great infrared sauna services. Definitely worth visiting!

2. DTX Cellular Evolution

Yelp: DTX Cellular Evolution

Telephone: 212-644-1040

226 E 54th St #606, New York (see map)

Other services: colonic hydrotherapy, guided meditation

Another great infrared sauna wellness in the very heart of Manhattan. The owners, Cindy and Armando, and their team are very kind people who will do their best to make your visit as comfortable and pleasurable as possible.

3. Floating Lotus

Yelp: Floating Lotus

Telephone: 212-600-0220

39 West 56th Street, New York (see map)

Other services: floatation therapy, acupuncture, salt cave, massage, reiki

A “relaxation station” not so far away from Times Square. Floating Lotus is well-known for their floatation therapy that allows you to float in a warm tub and experience total silence and relaxation. It offers a wide variety of other services, including the infrared sauna sessions.

4. Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness

Yelp: Upper West Side Yoga and Wellness

Telephone: 212-595-2221

75B West 85th Street, New York (see map)

Other services: yoga and meditation classes

UWS Yoga and Wellness is a family friendly yoga studio, with a solid selection of classes for anyone. Its warm and welcoming environment makes a popular place for people who want to do something for their body and mind. Their far infrared sauna is fantastic too!

5. HigherDOSE

Yelp: HigherDOSE

Telephone: 917-398-3673

21 E 1st St, New York (see map)

Other services: chromotherapy, cryo facial, infrared body wrap

HigherDOSE definitely belongs to one of the best and most luxurious places in Manhattan to get a good infrared sauna sweat. It has a very modern vibe, nice staff and great atmosphere. Recommended.

6. Vitality NYC

Yelp: Vitality NYC

Telephone: 212-244-1330

213 W 35th St #305, New York (see map)

Other services: cryotherapy, gravity colon hydrotherapy, nutritional counseling

Located near the Penn Station, Vitality New York City studio offers a wide range of treatments focused on detoxification and overall health of your body. The members of the stuff will do their best to fit the session into your busy schedule.

7. Cryofuel

Yelp: Cryofuel

Telephone: 646-484-5682

499 Canal St, New York (see map)

Other services: cryotherapy (whole body, facial, slimming,…)

This small but cozy cryotherapy and infrared sauna studio on the Canal Street is typical with the rejuvenating full-body treatment and awesome customer service. Once you try the combination of cold and hot, you’ll get obsessed!

8. Gravity East Village

Yelp: Gravity East Village

Telephone: 212-388-9788

515 E 5th St # 1A, New York (see map)

Other services: massages, gravity colonic, reflexology, kinesiology and bionetics testing

Gravity East Village is a wellness center specializing in colon hydrotherapy sessions and infrared sauna sessions. As the only place iin NYC, they also offer Coffee Enema Sessions. The place has a cozy atmosphere that will make you feel calm and peaceful. Besides the mentioned services, they host many events seminars.

9. Chill Space

Yelp: Chill Space

Telephone: 212-661-3400

124 E 40th St #603, New York (see map)

Other services: cryosauna, float tank, IV therapy, cryofacial

This unique wellness center founded by Dr. Josh Kantor utilizes innovative therapies to help its visitors to feel better and healthier. This, together with a stellar customer service, makes Chill Space one of the places that are definitely worth visiting!

10. Shape House

Yelp: Shape House

Telephone: 855-567-2346

1316 Madison Ave, entrance on 93rd, New York (see map)

Other services: lymphatic drainage

People at Shape House believe, that “the more people sweat, the more people are at peace.” That is why their only goal is to make you sweat so that you can experience the beauty and benefits that sweating brings. Relaxing, comfortable, healthy…
If you ever feel like the hasty lifestyle of The City That Never Sleeps is overwhelming you, a nice infrared sauna session combined with some other spa treatment may be exactly what you need.

So just pick one of the great places listed in this article and do something good for your health and well-being.

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