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Top 10 Infrared Sauna Places
in Chicago

As one of the largest cities in the U.S., Chicago may be very busy and stressful at times. One of the ways to take a break and do something good for your body and mind is to find a cozy spa and enjoy an infrared sauna session. 

In this post, we’ve handpicked the best spas with infrared saunas and other relaxing services and treatments to help you find a place that will best suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 infrared sauna places and spas in Chicago.

1. Karyn’s Day Spa

Telephone: 312-255-1590/773-360-8894

1717 N. Ashland Avenue
Chicago (see map)

Other services: body sculpting, consultations, massage, oxygen chamber, lymphatic drainage, ozone bath, etc.

Karyn’s Day Spa is always ready to satisfy all your wellness needs. The cozy interior, friendly staff and adjacent raw bistro make this spot a perfect place to forget all the stress of your everyday life.

2. The Cryobar

Yelp: The Cryobar

Telephone: 773-360-1729

1205 West Webster Ave, uite 1 (see map)

Other services: magnespehere, lymphatic massage, whole body vibration

If you’ve never experienced cryotherpay before, you should definitely visit The Cryobar! There are 3 different locations to choose from – Lincoln Park, Bucktown and West Loop. All of them offer a friendly atmosphere and services by certified professionals.

3. Allyu Spa

Yelp: Allyu Spa

Telephone: 312-755-1313

600 W Chicago Ave, Chicago (see map)

Other services: massage, reflexology, spa body treatments, facial care, couple’s services, waxing & threading

Allyu Spa is a magical place that makes you forget the outside world and enjoy a couple of moments taking care of your wellness needs.  Definitely one of the best and most beautiful day spas in Chicago.

4. Cleanse Chicago

FB: Cleanse Chicago

Telephone: 312-664-5886

216 N. Halsted St., Chicago (see map)

Other services: ionic footbath, colonic irrigation, chi swing machine, cleanse classes

Cleanse Chicago is a friendly place with caring staff that always try to educate their customers. The infrared sauna will help you relax and experience a rejuvenating journey that will improve your overall well-being.

5. Luminere Spa

Yelp: Luminere Spa

Telephone: 224-420-2784

3248 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago (see map)

Other services: facial and skin care, vichy hydrotherapy, waxing and tinting

Luminere Esthetics and Wellness has been providing day spa services to Lakeview/Lincoln Park for more than 10 years. It is one of the best places in Chicago to take care of your skin at a reasonable price. Recommended!

6. Red Square Chicago

Yelp: Red Square Chicago

Telephone: 773-227-2284

1914 West Division Street, Chicago (see map)

Other services: spa treatment, facials, manicure, pedicure, wax treatments, tanning

Red Square Chicago provides an authentic experience of a traditional, yet modern Russian/Turkish bathhouse. It is a unique and relaxing place with a variety of services, including full bar and restaurant.

7. Chicago Stress Relief Center

Yelp: Chicago Stress Relief Center

Telephone: 847-412-0922

1440 Techny Rd, Northbrook (see map)

Other services: psychotherapy, float spa, clinical massage

The Chicago Stress Relief Center does exactly what it says with its name – it offers various services that will help you get rid of stress and forget the noise and chaos of the outside world. Their sensory deprivation tank is an incredible experience.

8. Chicago Cryospa

Yelp: Chicago Cryospa

Telephone: 773-360-0940

2640 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago (see map)

Other services: cryotherapy (full body, facial, local), massage, facial stretch therapy, NormaTec recovery

Cryotherapy has numerous benefits. If you haven’t experienced a cryo session yet, Chicago Cryospa might be the right place to do so. Very clean establishment with nice, friendly staff always happy to answer your questions.

9. Revitalab

Yelp: Revitalab

Telephone: 312-265-0304

917 N Orleans St, Chicago (see map)

Other services: cryotherpay (whole body or local), NormaTec recovery, halotherapy, physical therapy

Revitalab offers a fun, relaxed atmosphere you’ll fall in love with. They treat every customer with personal service by professionals who are always happy to help you achieve the results you need. A must-visit in Chicago!

10. Vive!

Yelp: Vive!

Telephone: 847-637-0002

827 W. Touhy Avenue, Park Ridge (see map)

Other services: therapeutic massages, specialized therapies

Vive! is a unique, relaxing place with nice decor and soft music. Massage therapsits at Vive! are professionals in a clinical approach to therapeutic massage, always happy to answer your questions and relax your muscles.
If infrared sauna session is something you’d fancy in a busy life of Chicago city, this list offers a number of great places to escape from the stress and rejuvenate your body.

I hope you’ll find the spa that will fullfill your expectations and needs.

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