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For All Those Who  Spa Wellness

An old Finnish proverb says that a house without a sauna is not a home.

Although I won’t go that far in my claims, this website is for those, who would like to live by this saying and think about creating their own little wellness kingdom at home. 

My name is Ben Pavlik, I am a fitness coach who stumbled upon infrared saunas a few years ago, became an enthusiast and ended up creating a website about them.

Your Wellness Kingdom is my project that has one simple goal – to help others slow down and create their own little spa at home.

My goal is to provide useful information and reviews (such as the best infrared sauna buying guide) so that you don’t have to spend hours looking for the best products for you.

Ben Pavlik

Blogger, fitness coach,
sauna enthusiast and New Jersey Devils fan.

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